Individualized Learning Program Overview

Advancing Students with learning disabilities and other health impairments

Effective communication is the key to success in so many aspects of our lives, from classroom learning and peer socialization, to engaging with family members around the dinner table. At Red Door Learning Centers, we believe that the ability to form and foster interpersonal relationships is through the foundation of a sound primary education.

The ideal candidate for special needs services at Red Door Learning Centers is a student with average to above-average cognitive functioning and an accompanying disability and/or social skills challenge. Accordingly, many of our students will have IEPs with classifications of either speech and language impairment or autism (with scores ranging from mild to moderate symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder, without intellectual disability). Other classifications that may be accepted for admissions include learning disabilities and other health impairment.

Our school will ultimately serve students from preschool through grade eight, with our first special needs classrooms slated for children entering preschool, and increasing in age of service in subsequent years.

Red Door Learning Centers offer the highest-quality early childhood program in a nurturing setting, where children of all abilities are supported to learn and grow together. Our program is licensed, approved and regulated by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). The program is guided by New York State Learning Standards and follows an educational and play-based, language-enriched curriculum.

In our integrated preschool special needs classes plan to offer:

  • An Integrated Method Each child’s unique strengths and opportunities for growth will be supported through play-based and developmentally appropriate activities, led by a caring and professional team of certified special education teachers and teaching assistants. These integrated classes with have a low ratio of students to teachers. 
  • ​A Superior Team We take pride in inspiring children to explore and learn, with the very best educational support. All of our Special Education teachers and related service staff members will be NYS Certified. The preschool integrated classrooms have a high ration of adults to students, with 1 Special Education Teacher, and 2 teacher assistants]. In addition to the classroom staff, each class is supported by a therapeutic team dedicated to speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy and play-based therapy.

Identified preschoolers will be provided with a special education classroom setting each day during their designated classroom times. Preschool children needing extended hours will be provided with an additional, developmentally appropriate preschool program before and after the classroom instructional times.

Red Door’s extended day program is geared towards reinforcing concepts and skills learned during the educational day, as well as providing additional opportunities in fostering independence, socialization, free-play and kindergarten readiness.

Red Door Learning Centers eventually hopes to provide educational and therapeutic services to preschoolers ages three to five, with a disability, in need of self-contained classes in a center-based setting.

This program model will provide services in classes with up to six, eight, and ten children. Each class will have a certified special educator and two to three teacher assistants.

Each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), along with The New York State Learning Standards and curricula such as The Creative Curriculum, will guide the instructional process. Depending on the needs of the students and the goals on their IEP, other educational and therapeutic curricula may be used to augment the instructional and intervention process.

Additional curricula may include those designed to address the needs of children with autism spectrum disorder, delays or disabilities in speech-language development, fine and gross motor development, and concerns related to social and emotional development. Specialized instruction and therapeutic intervention is also available for students with multiple disabilities and health needs.

​Positive reinforcement, along with redirection and behavioral modeling will be used to promote appropriate behavioral development. Classes are designed to reflect the unique and particular goals and attributes of the students assigned to that room.

Program Highlights

  • Speech and Language Therapy by an ABA trained licensed Speech Pathologist
  • Behavior Action Plans developed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)


At Red Door Learning Centers, our educational child care begins with a deep respect for your child's eagerness to learn and capacity to develop meaningful relationships.


Including In-person Interview

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Steps done with heart, soul, mind & strength


At Red Door Learning Centers, our educational child care begins with a deep respect for your child's eagerness to learn and capacity to develop meaningful relationships.
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