Our COVID-19 Response

We are here to make your child safe.

Red Door Policies regarding COVID19

It is Red Door’s intent to offer the safest and healthiest environment possible. Red Door’s environment has been professionally sanitized prior to re-opening for care.

Red Door will follow all CDC, NYS Department of Health, and NYS Office of Children and Family Services guidance.

  • Teacher will be checked for temperature and symptoms.
  • Teacher will document health checks daily upon arrival.
  • Parents will be met at the front door.
  • Teacher will conduct health check.
  • Child will then be accepted into care.

Each morning staff will confirm answers to the following questions:

  1. Has your child shown any specific symptoms of illness?
  2. Has anyone in your family shown any specific symptoms of illness?
  3. Have you or your family been exposed to COVID 19?
  4. Have you given your child any type of medication in the past 24hours? (Over the counter or prescription.)
  5. Is someone available locally to pick up your child in the event they begin to show symptoms during care?

Teacher will take temperature of the child.

If your child’s temperature is over 100.3 your child will not be permitted into the building.

Teacher will conduct health check.

Child will then be accepted into care.

Health checks will be conducted throughout the day during COVID-19.


Child’s hands will be washed prior to entering classroom.

Children will remain outdoors as much as possible for a healthier experience.


Teachers and children will be required to wear nose and mouth covering. However, children will not be forced to wear one if they are not

Teacher will be responsible to clean and sanitize bathroom toilet and sink after each use.


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